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MyoSureⓇ is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove fibroids, polyps, and other tissue without having to remove the uterus. During MyoSure tissue removal, your doctor inserts a thin camera through the cervix into the uterus which allows her to view the treatment area. She passes a small wand into the uterus and cuts the unwanted growth into small pieces before sucking the tissue into the wand and out of your body. She removes the instruments, and the procedure is over within minutes.

MyoSure is an outpatient procedure; you can go home the same day. After MyoSure, some women have mild discomfort, cramping, or nausea that goes away within a few days. Safe and effective MyoSure tissue removal has helped countless women find relief from debilitating chronic pelvic pain caused by fibroids, polyps, and other uterine growths.

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