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Endometrial Biopsy



An Endometrial Biopsy is usually recommended in women with abnormal vaginal bleeding or women with certain types of Pap smear abnormalities. This is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in the office. For this procedure, the doctor will ask you to come in during the first 10 days of your menstrual cycle. A pregnancy test will be done first to confirm that you are not pregnant.

Then your provider will perform a speculum examination just like a pap smear. We recommend that you take an over the counter ibuprofen before you come to the office. Once the cervix is clean, the doctor may put a small clamp on the cervix to help hold it steady. A small thin plastic device (about 3mm wide) is placed into the uterus. This device is called a pipeline, it creates a small amount of suction and collects uterine cells. As the pipeline is moved in and out of the uterus, more cells are collected. When the cell sample is adequate, the cells are placed in a small plastic container and sent to the pathologist to be examined under a microscope. This allows the doctor to determine if the uterine cells are abnormal, pre-cancerous or cancerous. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes.

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