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This test is usually done in the office for women who have abnormal cervical cells on a pap smear. This test is a lot like a pap smear; instead, the doctor will use a speculum and a special microscope. This special microscope makes the cells of your cervix look larger. The cells are highlighted by placing a special solution on the cervix; abnormal cells look white. The microscope magnifies the view so that the doctor can find the abnormal cells and take a biopsy of these cells. The biopsy causes minimal discomfort (most women don’t feel anything). The biopsy is then sent to a pathologist for a closer examination and in approximately two weeks the test results are sent back to your doctor. A Colposcopy is used to improve the diagnostic accuracy of a pap smear; it helps confirm whether the findings on the screening pap smear are correct.

Colposcopy cannot be done if you are having your period. If you start your period, please call to reschedule your appointment. Don’t douche, use tampons, or have sex the day before and the day of your test. The doctor or nurse will tell you how long to wait after the test before you can douche, use tampons, or have sex.

The doctor may request that you make another appointment to discuss the results. You will be called and sent a letter about the results of your test. Please make sure the nurse has your correct address and telephone number. This is very important.

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