Hospital Affiliations


Reston Hospital Center: Institute for Robotic & Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery


Dr. Melissa Delgado performs surgery services for her patients at Reston Hospital Center. Patients may also visit her office The Chronic Pelvic Pain Center of Northern Virginia in Vienna, VA.

Reston Hospital Robotic Surgeons The Institute for Robotic & Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery at Reston Hospital Center offers Northern Virginia the most comprehensive da Vinci robotic program with the most experienced surgeons across multiple specialties in one location. This program also includes pioneers in performing single-site surgery, one of which is the most experienced OBGYN surgeon in the region.

The da Vinci Surgical System takes minimally invasive surgery to a new era, allowing Dr. Delgado to operate through small incisions with better visualization, precision, dexterity, and control than ever before. That means less pain and scarring, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery–getting you back to your work and family more quickly. Reston Hospital Center da Vinci surgeons have had extensive training and are members of Reston Hospital’s Institute for Robotics and Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery. Dr. Melissa Delgado is a member of this surgical team.