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COVID-19 Office Updates


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Please read the letter from our practice below.

Dear Community,

We wanted to share a few updates with you as we navigate this interesting time of uncertainty.  We feel we need to take a collective deep breath as we are given this time to take pause. This can be an overwhelming time for many as lots of information is being dispersed and this information continues to evolve.  

Our approach aims to help you heal using both traditional medicine and natural therapies for a customized holistic plan.  Moving forward we plan on maintaining this philosophy and would like to share with all of you our thoughts and tips about staying healthy and minimizing your risk of exposure.

As chronic pain specialists we understand how chronic pain, stress and inflammation can impact your immune health.  We have put together an immune support protocol to help you optimize your health during this time.  We aim to minimize anxiety, stress and uneasiness during this time while keeping you informed and minimizing misinformation.

We believe that staying calm and grounded is beneficial during this time when we need to minimize stress and optimize our immune function.  We can take this time of energetic pause to create space for us to slow down, breathe and spend time with ourselves, our families and friends.  We can be mindful of creating an environment of positivity, and gratitude while we practice mindfulness. Many of us will be challenged to work from home, and some of us will be doing this with our children home from school.  Changing routine is never easy, so having tools in your toolbox is essential.  

Remember to do simple things consistently:  going for a walk, meditating, trying some yoga, playing outside with your kids. Stay active whatever that means to you.  Read that book you have been meaning to get to, or just be still and clear your mind so you can make time for yourself to breathe and enjoy not having such a crazy schedule. Slowing down may be difficult if you are not used to it, so be patient with yourself and others as we all try to adjust to our new environment. This is as much a reminder for us, as it is for you.

If you need more advanced immune support beyond the above immune support protocol, we are offering 30-minute Telemedicine consultations which can be billed through your insurance.  

Find out more about oxygen/ozone healing therapies, transfer factors, and Chinese herbs. We carry Researched Nutritionals, Classical Pearls, Klaire Labs and other professional grade supplements.  Visits are available to existing and new clients. 


The CPP Center


Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. 

The goal is to find it.”



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