About Us

The Gynecology & Wellness Center's mission is to provide excellent individualized and personalized medical care. Our goal is to create a warm and comfortable environment where you will receive unhurried attention regarding your health and wellness. The staff at the Gynecology & Wellness Center is dedicated to be patient centered with the personal feel of a private practice.

The Gynecology & Wellness Center provides medical, wellness and aesthetic services to help support women in the pursuit of their health, prevention, and disease detection. We also offer a menu of aesthetics services to both Men and Women. We focus on prevention and maintenance of healthy skin.

The Gynecology & Wellness Center was founded by Dr. Melissa A. Delgado in 2010. Dr. Delgado is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and speaks Spanish fluently. Dr. Delgado has worked for the past decade in developing treatments for women suffering from chronic pelvic pain. She has helped many women overcome the pain, frustration and desperation in finding a solution that works for them.

Dr. MeLanie Modjoros joined the team in 2015, and shares the mission of GWC. She shares the same passion for chronic pelvic pain. In addition, Dr. Modjoros specializes in sexual medicine and can address and treat many sexual concerns.

Our Physicians

photo of Dr. Delgado

Melissa A. Delgado, MD, FACOG

Dr. Delgado is a Chronic Pelvic Pain Specialist and has worked for the past decade in developing treatments for women suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain.

photo of Dr. Modjoros

MeLanie Modjoros, MD

Dr. Modjoros knows that women with vaginal pain and/or sexual dysfunction often suffer in silence, wanting help but afraid to ask another doctor about it.